“Have A Rockin’ Christmas” Greeting Card

Forget those boring Christmas cards you usually send and give this unique card with a real cassette tape on it!

Left blank inside for your own personal yuletide greetings.

*Cassette tape is velcroed to the card and chosen at random. We do not guarantee the quality of its content.  These tapes are over 25 years old!

“Good Luck” Greeting Card

Two poker chips adorn this card to wish someone the best of luck.

Left blank inside for your own personal message.

“Happy Bday, Slutbag!” Greeting Card

The ultimate greeting card for the people in our lives that enjoy intimate one-on-one contact with a great number of other humans.

Blank inside for your own dirty message.

*Condom is velcroed onto the card.

“I Choose You.” Greeting Card

The easiest and fastest way to tell that special someone they are the one for you. Made using a vintage waiter/waitress slip. Who would choose cake, vegetables or a joint over their love?

Blank inside for more food puns.

“Urgent Message: Happy Valentine’s Day!” Greeting Card

Remember these old “While You Were Out” notepads your parent/s kept by the phone? Or was that just our families?  Now you can fill one out for the person you’re happiest to spend Saint Valentine’s Day with.

Black inside for all the messages they may have missed.

“You + Me. We Add Up.” Greeting Card

Who doesn’t love to solve a simple math equation?  Perfect for Valentine’s Day or any other time you want to let someone know that you and them together makes sense.

Blank inside to show your work.  Just like on a math exam. Show them how you got your answer.

“To Write” – A6 Notebook

Remember the dictionary?  Remember when you had to actually look a word up when you didn’t know how to spell it?  Remember not having the interweb?

The front cover of this adorable A6 notebook is just a reminder of what it means to write. And the back cover is a reminder to practice your cursive.  Remember what your handwriting looks like?  Go on, jot down a few notes in this notebook and take yourself back to grammar school.


Vintage Postage Stamp – A6 Notebook

Is it any surprise we love postage stamps?  We’ve based our entire business on these little pieces of vintage art.  Look at these ones!

Jot your notes down in this simple and cute A6 notebook.  Perfect for your bag or your pocket.