Geometry Gift Wrap (3 Sheets)

Vintage French geometry books inspired this gift wrap.  No better way to wrap up the perfect gift.

Printed on 100% recycled paper using vegetable based inks. Individual sheets measure 500 x 700mm / 19.5 x 27.5 inches.

3 sheets are mailed in a poster tube.

Price: £6.00

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“Happy 18th Birthday” Greeting Card (Mini Playing Cards)

Handmade with mini playing cards this Happy 18th Birthday is also available in 16th and 21st.

Perfect for the card player in your life. Or someone who's into all things mini.

Blank inside for your own wishes of good luck.

Price: £4.50

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Nana’s Shopping List – A6 Notebook

This is my Nana's actual shopping list from the early 80s.  She went shopping every Wednesday and I remember her always jotting things down throughout the week in her spiral notebooks for her "order" that week.

Take a cue from my Nana and make this your new shopping list notebook.

And don't forget the cukes.

*Made with 100% recycled paper and printed using soy based inks.

Price: £3.00

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“You’re Pretty Sweet. Really.” Greeting Card

Simple and sweet.  Really.

Handmade using a real peppermint candy and left blank inside for your own personal message.

Price: £5.00

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“I Hope Your Birthday Is Better Than This Scratch Card.” Greeting Card

Nothing is worse than a bum scratch card.  So here's to hoping that everyone's birthday is better than that.

Handmade with a used scratch card and left blank inside for your own wishes of birthday luck.

Price: £4.50

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“YOU’RE SO VINTAGE” Greeting Card

Remember the Dymo label maker from the 70s?  We love that look.

This greeting card is another way of telling someone that they are old.  But it's nicer and more polite.  Vintage is good.  It's classic and important. Why say happy birthday when you can tell someone that they are vintage?

Handmade on Kraft paper and left blank inside for your own personal memories of the 1970s.

Price: £4.50

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“You’re A Recipe For Success. Congratulations!” Greeting Card

Every single one of these cards features a real vintage recipe. So not only does your recipient get a word of congrats from you but they also get a meal.

Handmade and left blank inside for more recipes.


Price: £4.50

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“You + Me. We Add Up.” Greeting Card

Who doesn't love to solve a simple math equation?  Perfect for Valentine's Day or any other time you want to let someone know that you and them together makes sense.

Blank inside to show your work.  Just like on a math exam. Show them how you got your answer.

Price: £4.50

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