I was inspired to make greeting cards using vintage stamps and other found objects when I stumbled upon some old letters that my Nana had received from her British pen-pal, Pat. My 88 year-old Nana and Pat have written to one another for over 65 years and they have never met or spoken on the phone. They have only exchanged handwritten letters. They have seen each other through children, marriage, birth, grandchildren, illness, death, moves, and love – and all through the written word.

Each card is unique, handmade, and one of a kind. All the postage stamps are 100% authentic-some were taken off posted letters and others were never used. The cassette tapes, puzzle pieces, vintage keys, and abandoned board game pieces are all found objects from various locations around the world. We experiment with color and placement on our greeting cards. Many are typed on our 1963 Zephyr Deluxe typewriter.

Thanks for placing an order.  Nana would be proud of you.


Fracas Studios